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Kaleidoscope Sky
Mirror mirror on the wall
3D movie crystal ball
Mirror mirror ever clearer ever nearer to the truth of it all …
Mirror mirror in the sky
Taste the colors, as we fly
Cartoon Monday ice cream sundae
What a fun day to come alive
Everything is nothing and nothing is what it seems
Nothing is everything and everything is as it should be
Kaleidoscope Sky …
A universe gone funky
A world gone cool
Dancing lights and water colors
It’s a little piece of Heaven in you (and me, too)
Our eyes see what we want them to see
Wink at clouds and then wink at me
Little Rorschachs in the abstract
Mona Lisa with a mustache
Doodled knick knacks of what we want them to be
And nothing is what it seems
And everything is what will be
Kaleidoscope Sky …
Shine on me ...
Shine on with me ...
Shine on me ...
Dance with me under Kaleidoscope Sky

Cry Baby Cry

You never look me in the eye and
You never tell me why you cry and
Every time you call my name
I'm on a chain
Always seems I'm compromising
Closing my eyes and buying my lies and ...
I just wanna hear you calling
’Cause I'm feeling all alone
Baby cry …
Cry Baby cry
You never tell me where you go
I never ask ‘cause I don’t want to know
But is there anything I could say
To make you stay … Trouble comes as the day falls to night
Baby digs the Jeckyl and Hyde
Let me dry your tears and come inside
So sad to say
Baby cry …
Cry, Baby, cry
Take me for a spin
You know you’ve got my eyes pinned
You’re my favorite needle, you're a bummer of a trip
You’re my perfect adversary, my only true antagonist
You hijack my reason, turn my tears into wine
So vicious so delicious, when you feed my hunger
Hang your head and cry …
Baby cry …
Baby don't hold back
Cry …

Baby it's just panic attack
I'm a fly on your windshield
You got my heart in a trap
Don’t cry …

The Strangest Way
I could tell by the look on your face
That you knew that this was goodbye
I could tell by the pain in your voice
And the tears you held back in your eyes
You said …
“I could be the true love of your life
And I would never, ever leave …”
I answered you with a curious silence
Because a lonely heart
Never believes …
They say that love’s the strangest thing
Who knew a lover’s kiss could hide the pain it brings
And I still love you … in the strangest way
I can tell when I look at my life that it occurs in the strangest way
The names and the faces and the places all change
But the stories are all the same
I confess I don’t really believe I’ve ever known true love before
And just when I think I’ve found it
I look for something more …
Do you ever feel like I do?
Is it strange that I’m still dreaming of you … or that I love you?
In the strangest way
I still love you
I haven’t let your memory fade …


The Outsider
You thought you’d have a better life
You thought you’d see better days
You thought you’d have it all by now
But things just didn’t turn out that way
Nobody ever told you
About the way of “the way of life”
Nobody prepared you for when things don’t turn out right
There’s a couple at the corner table
The boy’s getting down on his knee
You steal a couple of glances
And in contempt, you think, “Why ain’t that me?”
‘Cause you’ve been building a wall outside
To scare such things away
The possibilities of better things
That might have come your way
And everyone around sees you coming
Dragging around the chain you forged in life
You try to stay oh-so-cool and not show the cold hard truth
No matter how you hide it
No matter how you fight it
You know deep inside you that you’ll be The Outsider again …
Everyone knows you’ve got your reasons
You missed your shot
Maybe the seasons changed
Stars didn’t align
So now you’re got a view from the outside
Looking in at the life you never had
You got the cool of a fool
But no chances to take
‘cause we live and die by the choices we make
And everyone around you – they all see you coming
Lurking ‘round the shadows but you never ever get too close
And everyone who knows you
They’re all in on the cold hard truth
No matter how you hide it, no matter how you fight it

Sister Josephine

Sister Josephine
Has locked herself inside her room again
She prays the Rosary
Her trembling hands grow weaker as she says …
“Hail Mary, full of grace,
Do stained glass tears run down your face?
Do you only hear me on my knees?
I’ve been Daddy’s little girl ...
Forsaken myself for the sake of the world
But none of my devotions deliver me.”
Sister Josephine …
Sister Josephine
Loved a boy … it seems so long ago
A girl of seventeen
Instead she married Jesus … a less traveled road
And now she reads the Book of Job
She wraps her restless heart in psalms and hymns
And tells herself she does it all for Him
She goes to Mass and confesses all her sins
But at night she finds she still dreams of him …
… and what might have been …
Sister Josephine
Gave her heart to God
A girl of seventeen
A bride of Calvary
She meets her love in the Garden of Gethsemane
And every night she says a prayer
And hopes the God she married is still there
She locks the door and whispers to the air ...


The Twilight Garden
She waits for me inside the Twilight Garden
Where moonlight masquerades as echoes of the sunshine from the day
She waits for me cloaked in a robe of satin
The glow of candles and the scent of jasmine fill the air
She will always meet me there …
My lady sings to me …
My lady sings to me
The simple songs of comfort
And each time that I hear her
Heaven beckons me
In the twilight garden, nothing is what it seems
Funny how the light plays tricks on silly fools like me …
The Twilight Garden is our secret place
A secret place where madness touches the moon


There Was a Time
There was a time
Not long ago
When I knew all the things I thought I needed to know
But now things have changed
And only the ghost of you remains
There are times
When all I know
Is the pain in my heart ‘cause I can’t seem to let you go
But now all I see
Are things that could have been but will never be
There was a time …
There was a time for love
There was a moment inside forever
A time we were together
Just the two of us …
There was a time …
There was a time for us
The day you left, I’ll never forget
Why did you run away?
Did you know something I needed to?
There was a time …
There was a time for love
There was a time we loved each other
And we only wished for another moment together
There was a time …
There was a time for love
But now this is another time
To show love of a different kind
A time to say …
“I love you … goodbye …”
 All the Love in the World
I get up and I get down
No sign of life, no signs of love are around
With a heavy sigh And a heavy heart
A man who falls too fast and falls too hard
Where is all the love in the world …

The winter gets so cold
The desert gets so dry
Sometimes I speak in fables
Sometimes I sing in false rhymes
Looking for God, Looking for Love
Searching for something to remind me of
Why I'm alive
All the love in the world

All the Love in the World
Come to me
Shine your light, wash away
my bitter memories
speak to me
All I see turns to gold, turns to light, turns to love …
comes to life inside of me …
is all the love in the world

I think about her In the summertime
Did she really ever say she was mine?
Another illusion, another lie
Another distraction
Another bitter memory justified

All the love in the world
Comes to me
Colors and stories and songs wash over me
And baptize me
The boy that I was, the man I am,
and the man that I wish I could be
Deep inside
Is all the love in the world

If I Love You
Here we are
Just the two of us
Wondering if we can love
Wondering if we can trust
Seems one too many broken hearts
Can leave you in the dust
Or maybe that’s just me
Here I am
Looking into your eyes
Wondering why you’re with me
When you could have a thousand other guys
Once you find out who I am
Will you run away and hide …
… from me?
If I love you … will you love me, too?
Here you are
I know what you’re gonna say …
If I give my love to you, Baby
You’ll never, ever go away
I’ve heard that line before
And not one of them chose to stay …
… with me …
If I love you … will you love me, too?
You know that I want to give in to you, Baby
But I don’t know if I can
I gave my heart to another before
But now she’s with another man
So there you are and here I am
Wishing I could give you my love
Hold you until the end of forever
But Baby … that just isn’t enough …

The Only Child
There is a place deep down
Inside my heart
Where I have loved you for all time
A place I’ve kept for when
I knew you’d come
A place I’ve saved for you and I
For years I’ve lived my life
An only child
In a quiet room I lived alone
Inside the safety of my simple place
Dreaming of someone I didn’t know
I was a lonely child …
I was the only child …
Perhaps they’re the ghosts of heartbreaks past
And only my attention makes them last
But they seek to guard my heart from you …
Perhaps this is just another dream
In a simple way, that’s how it seems
How am I to know?
What am I to do?
I was a lonely child …
I am the only child …

Just Another Guy
Another night in the hotel piano bar
You walk into the room and everybody knows who you are
Maybe the dress has changed
but everything else is the same
as the night before
Looks like you got a new man
To buy you the best in life
To treat you like a lady
And maybe make you his wife
He’s tall, dark and handsome
Just like the one you were with last night
and the night before
Every night I look at you baby
From behind my piano keys
Wondering if there was a chance for us
Wondering if there could ever be
A time when you find yourself wondering the same about me
Even though
I’m just another guy who’s in love with you
And every night I sing to you Baby
From behind these piano keys
I sing the songs of love to you in the hope
That someday you’ll sing them back to me
And I will love you, and I will hold you
But until then I’ll always be …
Just another guy who’s in love with you

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